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Creation of Facebook



The Creation of Facebook 

At the age of 23, Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook whilst attending a university called Harvard based in Cambridge in the united states studying phycology.

Facebook was originally called ‘the Facebook’ and was launched in February 2004, open to people so they could visit and see what the website was about. Within a few hours over 1,000 people who studied along side him at the Harvard university has already signed up which shows that this project was about to blow up big time. This is when the creation of Facebook was just kicking off and after a month of the website being up and running, thousands of people from the university had a profile.

Due to the network’s success, it was extended to other universities in America and eventually, all the universities in the united states knew about the Facebook and thousands of more people began to create accounts. 10th august 2005 after the address was bought for £200,000, it then got renamed to this is when word started to spread about the website to universities and schools worldwide in the following month after the renaming.

September 2006, the network grew beyond educational bases. Zuckerberg added a feature to the website where you could now sign up with an email address which opened it up to the wider public and not just universities and schools. The website still to this day remains completely free to join, and makes its profits through advertising and sponsorships. Even companies as big as google and yahoo plus many more businesses shown great interest to buy out the company with rumoured prices of approximately £980M. Mark Zuckerberg has declined all offers and refuses to sell his business even with the offer of millions and millions, he still proceeds to extend his business. Facebook is now known as the largest social networking site with educational focus in the world.

There is a legal case built against Facebook back in September 2004. Divya Narendra, Camron and Tyler Winklevoss (brothers) founded the social networking site called connectU. The brothers accused Mark Zuckerberg of imitating their ideas and their coding. Mark Zuckerberg worked for them as a computer programmer when they were all still studying at Harvard university before Facebook was made. In march 2007 the case study was dismissed as there seemed to be a technicality issue but it was done without ruling so no one truly knows if Mark Zuckerberg did copy Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, or if the idea was truly originally his.

 still to this day Facebook is always developing, introducing new features and cool things that people enjoy. Facebook has many purposes as you can share photos, videos, upload stories, see friends’ posts, keep updated with peoples lives and interact with people worldwide all just of one website. The creation of Facebook has progressed over the years and will continue to progress if Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t get tempted into agreeing to one of the many offerings he has to buy Facebook but surely if he declined £960M, nothing is going to change his mind.