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Facebook News Feed Ads

In August 2018 , Facebook released News Feed ads that would appear and open chat in WhatsApp automatically. Through this, it made it possible for customers to take with the business being promoted in the messaging app through Facebook Timelines which made it easier for customers to communicate with sellers or business owners. Furthermore, when the WhatsApp business API was released they told the New York Times of the plans they had to start showing ads in the WhatsApp Status in the next year.
It will be expected that multiple ad formats are up and coming. One of them will be WhatsApp ads in stories so when you press on a story, there will be ads in between different peoples stories where you will be able to gain more information about the business and the products it sells.
If you are an advertiser on Facebook, there is a button you can press called the call to action button which you can attach to your advertisement and that will allow you to open it up in WhatsApp. This means that users and audiences can contact and engage with you on WhatsApp once they have clicked your advertisement.