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How to Create a Facebook Business Page

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Creating a Facebook business page

Please find a step by step guide on how to create a facebook business page…

Getting signed up

In the search bar go to and here you will be taken to the web where you can click the sign-up button that will appear on your screen as an option. Click the create a page button in the top corner on the right-hand side. Here you will be shown multiple business type options including local business or place, cause or community and brand or product. Select the appropriate category for the business your creating this page for. If you feel as though your business falls into more than one option, then pick the one you think your audience will most likely relate your business to when they think about what type of business you are. After choosing what business type suits the page you are making, a box will appear asking for further details to do with your business for example, business name, address and your page category. Once you have run through this, press ‘get started’ to continue. Note that if you press ‘get started’, you are agreeing to Facebooks terms and conditions, so make sure you read them before you go any further.


  1. Add pictures

When choosing your profile picture, you need to choose the appropriate picture that reflects your business that you want to promote. This reason why this picture is important is because it is shown on all your posts and is seen by users when they try to find your page by typing your business name at the top of the page. Make sure your profile picture is viewable when the size is reduced to the size it will be on your news feed so it looks more professional. This means that you should not put any critical details in the corners of the picture.  In addition, it’s important to have a cover page that stands out as it is the biggest image on your page so it should be used to your advantage as it can be very impactful on viewers. Videos are highly suggested instead of a picture as they are immediately eye catching and will grab the attention of your viewers straight away.


  1. Add a short description

Go to the about section on your page add a short description that will best promote your product. This gives you a chance to showcase your business and really grab your audience’s attention. Make sure to use key words that are related to your business to make it clear.


  1. Create a username (vanity URL)

Your vanity URL, is the way people can find you on Facebook. To do this, click create page user link, then go to user name; be aware of the fact your use name can only be up to 50 characters long. Once you have done this, to promote your Facebook page you must type what you want your URL to be however you need to have at least 30 likes on Facebook to do this. Remember, you can only do this once so make sure it is effective and suitable.


  1. Fill in the about section

Click the about section on the left-hand side on your Facebook page. Here you can edit or add more details about your business, contact information and your other accounts that you have on social media for example snapchat and Instagram. This is also the place where you can add a long description. To do this, go to the about section on your page, then click the story section. Use this to describe in more detail what your business is like and some key points customers will need to know about it. If you have any other social media promoting your business, you should place the links here.

  1. Create a post

Make sure that when you create a Facebook business page, its important that all your posts offer value to your visitors as they have the most impact on your business so you need to make your audience your main priority which means good valuable content. Make sure to choose relevant posts to make sure your page looks professional. Press the three dots at the top of a picture you have posted and click pin to top of page. This makes your post go to the top of the feed meaning more people will see your posts, broadening your business.


  1. Engaging with your Facebook page

Now your Facebook business page set up is complete, it is time to start inviting people to visit your site for example family, friends and to further promote your business, you can   self-promote yourself of your other social media sources so more people see your business page giving yourself a better chance of success as more people will know about your site meaning more potential customers. And thats how to create a facebook business page.